Millions Of Insects Plagues Makkah as Well As Masjid Al Haram

Millions Of Insects Plagues Makkah as Well As Masjid Al Haram

A flock of dark insects as turned into the Masjid Al Haram and the city of Makkah forcing residents to come up with different reasoning, media report confirms.

The local residents have been saying that they have not seen insects swarming all the city in such an insane number.

This strange site has been seen all over the country, after that the government did the fumigation all over the city including Masjid Al Haram.

Municipality of the city of Makkah confirmed that they’re doing fumigation in all over Makkah which which help them get rid of these insects.

Residents of Makkah are admitting that they have not seen such scary scenes ever in their lives.

On saturday night, while i wasa praying at Masjid Al Haram, all of the sudden a big glock of insects hijacked entire Kaaba, the whole mosque was droned into the darkness of these creatures. It is not only in the yard but also around the Kaaba.

The National quotes Abdulwhab Soror.

Abdul Wahab Soror told that he has been living in Makkah since he was a child and he has never seen such strange thing like that before.

The National quotes Abdulwhab Soror

The occurrence has stunned the environment specialists as well.

Manager and scientific counselor of earthly biodiversity at the WWF and Emirates Nature, Dr Jacky Judas also confirmed this occurred for the first time.

“This is the initial time for me to see these insects in large numbers. I am not astonished those public are saying the similar,” Dr Judas told. “I have never seen these insects in these large numbers.”

Dr Judas told some companies in the Arabian Peninsula, that breed crickets for bird food, might be the foundation of this ‘Insect storm.’ Dr Judas said there are likelihoods that the imprisoned insects could have, somehow, runaway and captured the city of Makkah.

The municipality of city of Makkah has employed 130 workers to clean the city of Makkah.

In a declaration, the specialists said they were concentrating on the duplicate and upbringing of the species and have sterilized drains and open water foundations around Masjid Al Haram.

Most of the Masjid Al Haram has been cleaned, updated Pest Control Service.

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