Saudi Arabia Warns About Fake Hajj 2024 Companies That Scam People

The individuals have been requested by the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah to utilize the Nusuk app. This app is available in several countries. In case the Nusuk app isn’t available in any country the Ministry has advised to register for Hajj via accredited companies.
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The Ministry has suggested registering for Hajj 2024/1445 via accredited channels.


  • The Ministry has advised pilgrims to be aware of scams while registering for Hajj.
  • Pilgrims are advised to use the Nusuk app. For those who can’t, they must register via accredited companies.
  • One must get all the vaccinations completed beforehand.

The Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah alerts pilgrims about fake Hajj campaigns. As we approach Hajj 2024, the Ministry’s warning is clear. They aim to protect every pilgrim’s journey, ensuring it is safe, genuine, and spiritually rewarding.

The “Nusuk” application is the official platform for domestic pilgrims. The platform is user-friendly and provides a smooth application process. It also offers all the necessary services for the pilgrimage.

International pilgrims from certain areas have the “Nusuk – Hajj” platform. This portal is tailored to their needs. It guarantees an uninterrupted registration experience.

Pilgrims from other countries should seek guidance from official Hajj missions or certified companies. These groups are officially recognized. They are authorized to help with the Hajj application process.

The Ministry stresses the need for caution in the digital age. Pilgrims should only use verified channels for their Hajj plans. This is to prevent any scams and to ensure a smooth pilgrimage.

Saudi Arabia has been preparing thoroughly for Hajj 2024. The Kingdom expects a large number of pilgrims this year and has planned accordingly. They have not set specific places for countries at the holy sites. Instead, allocation is based on when contracts are finalized. This will make the process smoother for pilgrims.

Saudi Arabia is ensuring the health and safety of pilgrims. They require certain vaccinations for eligible pilgrims and Hajj workers. These include the latest vaccines. Influenza vaccines, meningitis shots, and COVID-19 vaccines are a must.

The Kingdom is dedicated to improving the Hajj experience. For example, the Makkah Route initiative makes entering Saudi Arabia easier. Pilgrims can finish their entry procedures at home airports.

How to report fake Hajj 2024

  • To report a fake hajj campaign you can dial the following numbers:
    • 911 (for Makkah, Riyadh, and Eastern Region)
    • 999 (Rest of Saudi Arabia)

Hajj is one of the pillars of Islam. The Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah is working hard to protect pilgrims from fraud. They encourage following the official guidelines and using the recommended platforms.

A well-prepared Hajj is essential for a peaceful experience. As we look forward to Hajj 2024, let’s prepare with care and devotion.

Added the helpline number to inform about fake companies.

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