Last Date To Register For Hajj 2024 is 7 Dhul Hijjah

The application will be based on the availability of places. The Ministry also revealed Hajj application deadline.
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7th Dhul Hajjah will be the last date for Hajj application.


  • Saudi Arabia sets deadline for Hajj registration.
  • There are four Hajj Packages. The prices vary based on accommodation.
  • Pilgrims can pay the price in three installments.

The registration period for Hajj 2024 has been announced. The Saudi Arabian authorities have informed us that this period will continue until the 13th of June. That is the 7th of Dhul Hajjah. The registrations are open based on the availability of places. The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has conveyed this information.

The Saudi Kingdom is trying to improvise the registration system of Hajj. This will ensure a smooth registration process. The kingdom launched an E-registration process for this purpose in February. This targeted Saudi Citizens and Muslim expatriates who wanted to perform Hajj.

Saudi Arabia authorities also issued the Hajj permits for domestic pilgrims. This activity started on Wednesday this week.

Hajj Packages

The Ministry has also introduced four Hajj Packages. The packages are based on the level of services and accommodations. The package ranges from SR4,099 to SR13,265.

Payment Options

To facilitate the payment the ministry offered an installment payment option.

First Installment

The first Installment was 20% of the total cost. The last payment date was March 11 the first day of Ramadan.

Second Installment

The second Installment was 40% of the total cost. The last payment date was March 31. This was the 20th day of Ramadan.

Third Installment

The third installment is the final one. The last payment date is April 29th, the 20th of Shawwal.

Moreover, Hajj workers are eligible for pilgrimage too. However, this eligibility is based on the vaccinations. These vaccines include COVID-19, Influenza, and meningitis vaccines. All Muslims aged 18 and above should get those shots.

Saudi Arabia witnessed a huge number of pilgrims last year. The count was up to 1.8 million. This number matched the count of pilgrims before the pandemic.

This year even more pilgrims are expected. Thus the kingdom started the preparation early. The process is being streamlined.

A new strategy has been introduced for overseas pilgrims. Now the pilgrims will not get specific places for countries at Holy site. The places will be allocated based on the contract finalization. It is on a first come first serve basis.

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