60-Year-Old Female Pilgrim Saved at Masjid an Nabawi

The incident occurred while the women’s volunteer teams were present inside the mosque, highlighting their readiness and swift response capabilities.
medical cart in masjid an nabawi

The women’s volunteer teams and first aid units of the Saudi Red Crescent Authority in the Madinah Munawarah area successfully rescued a sixty-year-old Indonesian male pilgrim at Masjid an-Nabawi.

The teams were able to restore the patient’s pulse after responding to an emergency report.

Upon receiving the report, they immediately provided emergency medical care, ensuring the patient’s pulse returned, praise be to God.

Following the initial care, the patient was transferred to the Bab Jibril Health Center for further medical attention. The quick and effective actions of the Saudi Red Crescent teams underscore their commitment to safeguarding the health and well-being of visitors to the holy sites.

Subsequently, the patient was transferred to the Madinah Cardiac Center, where he arrived at the emergency department suffering from severe chest pain. After conducting medical tests and imaging, a heart attack was diagnosed. The medical team immediately decided to perform a diagnostic catheterization, which revealed a severe blockage in all three coronary arteries.

The medical team decided to perform open-heart surgery and graft new arteries taken from the patient’s chest arteries, along with a vein from his leg, using an endoscope. The patient was then transferred to the intensive care unit to complete his treatment plan. His condition improved, and he was moved to the inpatient ward for follow-up and rehabilitation. After recovering, he was discharged from the center in good health to continue his Hajj rituals.

This successful rescue operation exemplifies the dedication and skill of the Saudi Red Crescent Authority’s personnel, particularly the women volunteers, in handling medical emergencies and providing critical first aid services within sacred premises. It also highlights the exceptional capabilities of the medical teams at the Madinah Cardiac Center in performing life-saving procedures during the Hajj season.


  • Updated patient details to specify that the patient was a sixty-year-old Indonesian male pilgrim.
  • Included information about the subsequent medical care received at the Madinah Cardiac Center.

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