Famous Korean Youtuber and K-Pop Star Jay Kim Converts To Islam

Korean K Pop Star Jay Kim Converts To Islam

Famous Korean K-pop singer, Youtuber Jay Kim has recently announced that he has converted to Islam. As many of his YouTube videos show Kim exploring the religion of Islam. It is about a week ago when he posted a video of him saying the Shahada, which means he is declaring himself a Muslim, at Seoul Central Mosque.

He showcased his new journey with Islam brings both joys and fears, Kim has been very mature about converting to Islam. He also changed his name to Daud Kim, the reason behind choosing this name because of his Catholic background and as a child he was baptized in the name of David (Also known as Prophet Dawud).

In another video, he uploaded a video showing how his mother reacted when he told her that he has converted to Islam.

As most of the new converts can relate that telling the family about conversion to another religion can be a shocker, but Kim continued explaining everything lovingly and patiently to his mother in the video. Kim is also very focused on telling about it to his mother and all the problems Muslims face in Korea. He also ensures that everything will work out for the best very soon.

His youtube channel has about 570,000 subscribers touching over 2 million views bar on the video of his conversion to Islam. His other social media accounts such as Facebook and Instagram also have a huge following.

He is now actively blogging with the motive of Islam in mind, you can see his latest videos based only on Islamic topics.

As Islam is becoming the world-famous religion of the world, it is becoming easier to get involved with the Muslim community. Islam does not believe in any kind of racism and inequality.

We wish Kim all the best for his future journey with Islam in his life.

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