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Selection from Islamic baby names is one of the first and the most important duties of parents, apart from physical care and love is to give a good and meaningful Muslim name as soon as possible to a newborn child.

No doubt, the matter of giving names is one of the most critical problems in people’s lives because a person’s name is a title that will represent them in front of others later.

Parents that will name their children have to recognize the fact that name will stay with the baby for his entire life and in Islam because the name is a symbol for the person, by which he is called in this world and the hereafter.

Name also correlates with religion, where the name will indicate which religion the owner belongs to. 

Meaning is very important for Muslim names since names with positive and virtuous meanings are expected to be prayers that inspire a righteous way of life and conger blessings on the baby. Our Prophet Muhammad SAWW also mentions several times that parents should name their children with good and suitable names, which are good to pronounce and hear.

Why chosing a good name is important?

He (PBUH) emphasized the importance of naming children with Muslim names by saying: “On the Day of Judgment, you will be called by your name and your father’s name. So give your children good names.” [Abu Dawood]

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One day when all humans will be gathered in the Gathering Place (Mashar), every child will be called by the name given to him by an angel appointed by Allah with the permission of Allah. And nobody would like to go to the presence of Allah with a name that Allah will not like. 

If a child is given a non-Muslim name, the child will be embarrassed due to his name and will complain about the person who gave him that name to Allah SWT. Therefore, it is necessary not to give bad names to babies.

And if a child has already been given a non-Muslim name or an unpleasant name, then it is necessary to change it.

Our beloved Prophet once gave an example of this when he changed the foreign names with bad meanings to a good Muslim name. He changed Abdul-Uzza (servant of Uzza – idol) to Abdullah (servant of Allah).

Furthermore, other questions regarding naming newborns in Islam that parents may have included when exactly a newborn baby should be given a name in Islam? And does Islam also have specific rules regarding who has the right to name a newborn baby, and is it permissible for someone else to give a name to someone else’s baby?

In the Muslim community, babies are usually named on the seventh day after birth, at an Aqiqah ceremony marked by the sacrifice of sheep or goat, as a form of welcome for the baby and to give thanks to the one who gave blessings.

Rasulullah sallallaahu’ alaihi wa sallam said: “Every child is in pledge for its ‘Aqeeqah, which is sacrificed for it on its seventh day, and it is named on it, and its head is shaved”

[Abu Daawood and At-Tirmidhi]

Meanwhile, the number of goats or sheep to be sacrificed has also been regulated in Islam. If the newborn is a boy, then two goats or sheep will be sacrificed, and if it is a girl, then one goat or sheep. This is a strong opinion among scholars and Companions.

The Prophet said: “For the boy two equal sheep, and for the girl, a single sheep.”

[Ahmad and At –Tirmidhi]

In Islam, it is the father who has the right to name a child. This is based on the principle that children are considered to originate from and are associated with their fathers, as the word of Allah reads: “Call them by (name) their father. It is more just in the sight of Allah ..” [Quran 33:5].

The Holy Prophet also said: “It is the responsibility of every father to choose a good name for his child.”

Although choosing a name is the father’s right, he is also obliged to involve the mother in decision-making and ask for her opinion whether the name he chooses is good according to him, so that the mother as the woman who gave birth to the baby will feel happy.

In practice, many parents often ask for advice from family and other relatives in choosing a good name. However, the question is whether Islam allows other people who are not the parents of the baby to give the name to the baby?

The answer is that it is permitted for parents to let others name their child because our Prophet used to name some of the children of his Companions.

Things to keep in mind before selecting Islamic baby names

The basic principle regarding names is that they are permissible (mubâḥ), except there are some things that are prohibited (ḥarâm)according to shari’ah and should be avoided when choosing a name for a newborn, including:

Names of Allah that are only befitting for Him.

For example Al-Khaaliq (the Creator), Al-Rabb (God), Al-Rahmaan (The Most Merciful), and Malik al-Mulook (King of kings). It is haraam to call people by this name, and if it has already been given to someone, then it must be changed immediately.

Names that show enslavement or worship to other than Allah.

Example: ‘Abd Al-Ka’bah (Servant of the Kaaba), ‘Abd al-Nabi (servant of the Prophet)

It is forbidden to give the name of someone who enslaves or worships anyone or anything other than Allah. This act includes Shirk.

Names of idols, false gods, or demons.

Example: Zeus, Aphrodite, Lilith, etc.

As mentioned above, the names of idols, false gods, or demons are categorized as names that are forbidden to be given to Muslim babies.

Names of unbelievers or believers of religions other than Islam

Example: Paul, George, John.

The law is makrooh to name a newborn baby with a foreign name or the name of an unbeliever or a follower of a religion other than Islam. Choose a name because the meaning of the name is good.