Are Tattoos Haram or Halal? Can Muslims Get It? 2024

Are Tattoos permissible in Islam? Let’s find out!
Tattoos Haram or Halal

Tattoos have ended up progressively common thing nowadays, but numerous Muslims are reluctant to have them due to concerns about whether they are halal or haram.

In Islamic convention, there’s no clear-cut reply to this address, and conclusions change among scholars.

Some scholars claim that tattoos are haram since they include changing the normal state of the body, which is considered to be a shape of mutilation.

Are Tattoos Permissible In Islam?

Tattoos are Haram.


Here are a few focuses of prove with respect to the permissibility of having tattoos in Islam:

  1. The Quran does not specifically address the issue of tattoos. There are no verses that expressly restrict or permit them.
  2. Some hadiths specify the practice of tattooing in pre-Islamic Arabia and talk against it.  Sahih al-Bukhari reports that the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said, “Allah has cursed the makers and the users of tattoos” (Sahih al-Bukhari 5937 reference: Book 77, Hadith 152). It is vital to note that this hadith focuses on the act of getting tattoos for idolatry which is clearly haram in Islam. It isn’t a general disallowance against tattoos as a frame of self-expression or adornment.
  3. Some scholars claim that tattoos are allowable as long as they don’t include any hurt to the body, don’t depict anything that’s against Islamic values and don’t include imitating non-Muslims. They base their claim on the rule of permissibility in matters that are not forbidden in the Quran and the Sunnah (lessons of the Prophet).
  4. Other scholars argue that tattoos are not acceptable in Islam since they include changing the creation of Allah, which is considered a shape of self-importance and disregard. They moreover argue that tattoos can have negative social and mental impacts and may lead to regrets afterward in life.
  5. It is worth noticing that there are social and regional differences within the Islamic world with respect to the acknowledgment of tattoos. In a few Muslim-majority nations, tattoos are broadly acknowledged and indeed considered a traditional shape of body art. In others, they are frowned upon or indeed forbidden by law.

Bottom Line

The issue of whether tattoos are halal or haram could be a disagreeable one among Islamic Scholars.

While some claim that tattoos are haram due to their association with changing the normal state of the body, others argue that they are permissible as long as they are not utilized for offensive purposes.

Eventually, the choice to get a tattoo is an individual one that ought to be based on an individual’s possess interpretation of Islamic law and their personal values and beliefs.

Got a question? Feel free to ask mufti and get quick answers.


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