Is Belly Piercing Halal or Haram in Islam?

Belly piercing, often referred to as belly button piercing, is haram in Islam.
Belly Piercing Belly Button Piercing

The concern about whether or not belly button piercing is halal or haram has always stirred debate.

The majority of the scholars consider belly piercing to be haram, while others consider it halal.

In the name of Allah, the most beneficial and the most merciful. May peace be upon the Holy Prophet PBUH.

With evolving fashion trends, belly piercing and its permissibility in Islam is a question that has been raised recently. As it involves modifying the body around the navel, this concern has sparked debate among different scholars.

Is Belly Button Piercing Permissible In Islam?

The opinion on the permissibility of belly piercing is divided among different scholars. Some scholars state that the piercing of the belly is haram for both men and women.

This opinion is based on several Islamic principles and teachings, which include the prohibition of altering the body as stated by Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.


  • It has been stated in Sahih al-Bukhari that Allah curses the one who gets a tattoo and the one who gets it done. As a tattoo is a part of altering a body part, so is a belly piercing. Added to this, Islam encourages Muslims not to violate the natural state of the body.
  • Belly piercing is associated with health risks, including severe nerve damage, which is indeed a contradiction to Islamic teachings about protecting one’s well-being, according to webMD.

Bottom Line

The primary view among scholars is that belly piercing is haram in Islam due to permanent alterations of the body and potential violations of modesty. Nevertheless, a minority of scholars argue that this piercing is halal under certain conditions. However, it is important to note that the statements issued by the minority of scholars stating belly piercing as permissible remain doubtful and don’t reflect any consensus.

To adhere to Islamic teachings, it is better to avoid belly piercing, which can lead to potential Haram acts.

The understanding of Halal and Haram is a crucial matter that enlightens the decision-making power of an individual that aligns perfectly with Islamic principles.

With the lack of consensus on the belly piercing permissibility, it is better to remove the piercing in case you already have that.

One must practice modestly following the Islamic guidelines by covering the belly and awra at all times.

In case of any doubts, one must always consult a qualified Islamic scholar to issue a fatwa.

May Allah guide us all towards the righteous path and grant us the wisdom to make decisions following Islamic principles and Allah’s commandments.

Got a question? Feel free to ask mufti and get quick answers.


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