Shein Stopped Selling Israeli Flags And Sells Palestinian Flags At A Discount

A famous Chinese e-commerce platform cut off ties with Israeli influencers amidst the ongoing Israel and Hamas conflict.

Beijing: Shein, the e-commerce platform of China, faced criticism as the pro-Israel supporters noticed that the sale link for Israeli flags was broken, but Palestinian flags were on sale for £4.25.

The Chinese e-commerce platform, Shein, is under a bubble of criticism from pro-Israel supporters as it started selling Palestinian flags at a discounted rate while stopping the sale of Israeli flags. The situation deteriorated following the Israel and Hamas conflict, further adding spice to the already heated debate.

The controversy started when it was noticed that the link for the Israeli flag was broken; however, the platform continued to sell the Palestinian flag at £4.25.

As the controversy intensified, the e-commerce platform informed the Israeli influencers by email that the issue was only due to the adjustment in the campaign schedule; however, the attempt to locate the Israeli flag, which led to a broken link, did not sit well with many.

Following the controversy, Israeli influencers raised their concerns on social media, while one follower with a fan following of 12,000 took to Instagram to share the image of a package wrapped in green and red tape, the color of Pakistani flags.

The backlash, however, was not only confined to social media. The hateful comments were seen around one of the largest Facebook groups, where an angry customer expressed their concern, calling Shein a supporter of a terrorist organization and declaring it worse than ISIS.

Moreover, another discontented customer posted on Shein’s official website, commenting that he may delete his Shein account as a result of this act.

In response to the criticism and calls for a boycott from the terrorist Israeli community, Shein removed the Palestinian flags from its website.

It is important to note that the reason behind this heated controversy is the conflict between Israel and Hamas, during which Israel launched multiple airstrikes in the Gaza Strip, killing countless kids, men, and women.

As the flag controversy continues to unfold, Shein’s decision to cut ties with Israeli influencers is being appreciated by the pro-Palestinian supporters, who rightly consider the call for a ceasefire and boycott of Israel to be required immediately.

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