Christian TikToker Starts Reading the Quran and Praying

The trend of Quran reading is gaining popularity among non-Muslims in light of current situations.
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Today, the world grapples with Islamophobia, and very limited and negative Islamic teachings are being narrated by Western culture.

A few individuals include Abbey, a Christian lady who went through the Holy Quran, and to her surprise, she found the answer to a question she had long been asking for.

Discoveries, especially related to scientific background, have been displaying research already proven in the Holy Quran thousands of years ago and have left people around the globe spellbound by the in-depth knowledge found in the Holy Book.

The Holy Book of the Quran is complete with facts and knowledge regarding every topic an individual seeks to find an answer for; this has made believers of different faiths explore the Holy Quran further to enhance their knowledge or confirm facts stated by science.

Moreover, followers of various religions have different beliefs; one of the beliefs is regarding the eternal abode of believers of other religions. Some believe everyone other than their religion is destined for hell.

The burning curiosity led many non-Muslims to delve deep into understanding the verses of the Holy Quran and learn about its intake on the matter.

Lately, the Holy Book of the Quran, Islam’s holy scripture, a book of guidance and a complete code of life, has been a trending reader’s choice among non-Muslims who are curious and open to learning about the religion Islam. With the current events in the world, many individuals have turned to the Quran to search for answers to their burning questions.

Although the Holy Quran has been broadly misconstrued, primarily through the media, the message given in the Holy Book is one of justice, peace, and inclusivity, eradicating all forms of negativity that have been associated with Islam through its misrepresentation.

A question every follower has about their religion is whether or not followers of other religions would enter Heaven other than their own. This Tiktok user named Abbey Hafez sought the Quran to answer her long-unanswered query, which she couldn’t find in her religion of Christianity.

The Holy Quran emphasizes the universality of God’s forgiveness, regardless of a person’s faith. According to Christianity, there would be no one else going to heaven but the Christians. However, upon reading the Holy Quran, Abbey got her query answered, and she learned that it was not necessary.

She found it intriguing and encouraging to find an answer in the Holy Quran, which she had been searching for for a long time. The Holy Quran gave her a new perspective on religions, the world, and the hereafter.

Non-Muslims all over the world have been indulging themselves in the study of the Holy Quran, either joining book reading clubs on Discord or doing their own study.

This Tiktoker’s journey is not an isolated one; many followers of different faiths have explored the Holy Quran, and along their journey, they have found numerous messages promoting peace, inclusivity, and tolerance.


10 pages of the Quran has brought me more peace than 25 years of being raised Christian. I never felt that real connection with God until now. #christianreadingquran #christian #islam #quran #readingquran

♬ original sound – Abbey

To summarize, this user explored the Holy Quran, and the book gave her the answer and more knowledge on various topics. It is a powerful reminder of the significance of genuinely understanding the Quran and how it emphasizes the universality of God’s mercy and the inclusivity of every believer from other faiths.

Believers of different faiths have found the Quran answering various queries and proving facts and discoveries made by scientists today, which in the Quran were given thousands of years ago, displaying the wisdom and relevance this Holy Book carries.

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