UAE Suspended Prayers at All Mosques Because of Coronavirus

UAE Suspended Prayers at Mosques Coronavirus

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Dubai: UAE suspended prayers at all mosques all across the country. This move comes after the Government decided to take extra precautionary measures against the deadly coronavirus.

CDMA (National Emergency and Crisis and Disasters Management Authority) and the GAIAA (General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Awqaf) temporarily suspended prayers at Mosques as well as on other worship places within the United Arab Emirates. This was announced at 9 pm on Monday, 16th March 2020.

The UAE suspended prayer for four weeks to prevent Coronavirus from spreading in the country.

After four weeks, the Government will review the situation whether to reopen the mosques or to continue the suspension. This decision from the Government is a part of preventive and precautionary measures that the UAE is taking to prevent Coronavirus.

This decision is based on the Fatwa given by Emirates Fatwa Council as well as for instructions from the Ministry of Health Prevention that in accordance with the local and federal authorities with health authorities.

UAE’s concerned bodies are now giving instructions to residents, citizens and visitors to stick to the announcement, which is for their own good.

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