Praying in Mosque Is Forbidden (Haram) for Corona Infected People – Ulema

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Corona Infected People attending Mosques to pray Salah is now declared Haram by the Scholars of Saudi Arabia. Muslims all around the world supported the idea as it will stop coronavirus from spreading.

Riyadh: The Senior Scholars Council has issued a fatwa that corona infected people are forbidden from attending any congregational prayer or Friday prayer at any mosque, Saudi Gazette reported.

The 24th session was held on Wednesday to put a light on the issue of corona infected people can or cannot attend the mosque for daily or Friday prayers at the mosque, as those people attending the mosque would have further spread the disease in the region, the Saudi Press Agency reported.

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The Senior Scholar Council also gave a fatwa which instructed that if Health officials come to you to do procedures or to quarantine a person, it is obligatory as per shariah that the person listens to the concerned bodies as well as infected people should not go to mosques either.

The Senior Scholars Council also added that if someone is infected or currently is in quarantine should pray in isolation.

The scholars also added that if someone is afraid that they might get infected with the COVID-19, it is permissible for them to pray at home. For a temporary basis, Senior Scholar Council has allowed skipping Friday prayer at the mosque, also advised to pray Friday prayer inside your Home.

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The scholars also added that if you do not want to go to the mosque for Jummah, then you should pray four Rakats in your home. The scholars have added that the people should eat healthy foods to boost your immunity.

These are 5 foods that can help you boost your immunity;

The scholars have also advised keeping reciting dua for coronavirus after every prayer.

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