Kuwait Has Changed The Adhan Because of Coronavirus, Cited Hadith

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With regard to the increasing hazard of the coronavirus, the Kuwaiti mosques have changed the Adhan performed in Kuwait. Azaan now asks the people to pray in their homes. This step was taken as a precautionary action in order to secure the citizens from COVID-19.

The Muezzins present in the Kuwaiti mosque changed the adhan by replacing “haya alas- salah” (come to prayer) by “Al-salatu fi Buyutikum” (pray in your homes) requesting locals to pray within their houses.

When inquired about the change by Dr. Abdullah Al-Sanad, the health spokesperson of Kuwait, he stated that this move has helped them in avoiding the virus spread. This act was opted by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) during the days of heavy rain and wind.

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Hadith on Changing Adhan (Azaan)

Adhan Azaan change hadith

The nation has reported 12 additional cases of pandemic coronavirus in the recent 24 hours, which now accumulated to 112 people.

He also added that a lot of victims contain the history of international traveling. The others got affected when such people came back from within the country. The Friday prayer gatherings got called off throughout the Middle East following the fear of COVID-19.

Few counties including Iraq, Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon, and Egypt have canceled the Friday prayer gatherings with regard to the global health standards.

While in Pakistan, a medical emergency is declared in every public place. It includes madrassahs, educational institutes, picnic points, cinemas, religious places, wedding banquets and shops being called off.

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On the other side, the Governments have implemented Section 114 throughout the province leaving out the assembly of more than more people, approximately, in an area. More and more cities have also actively reacted to the threat.

The sources present within the Ministry of Religious Affairs have confirmed that the system is discussing the matter with the religious leaders, especially regarding the gathering of Friday prayers. Saudi Arabian Ulema council has declared Haram to attend Friday prayer during coronavirus. And have urged people to recite Dua for Coronavirus.

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