Is Vaping Haram? Are E-Cigarettes Haram?

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In recent years, the trend of vaping has increased rapidly, especially among teenagers. The widespread use of vaping makes many people wonder whether vaping is haram or halal in Islam. In this post, we will discuss the status of vaping in Islam.

Is Vaping Haram In Islam?

In general, vaping, which refers to e-cigarettes, electric shisha, or shisha pens, is considered haram by the majority of Islamic scholars.

Even some Muslim countries, such as Malaysia and Indonesia, have even issued a fatwa against vaping. Muhammadiyah, the second largest Muslim organization in Indonesia, issued a fatwa categorizing e-cigarettes as any type of vaping is haram, stating that e-cigarette is like conventional smoking as it is classified as a form of consumption that can damage or endanger the health of their users.

Malaysian National Fatwa Council banned vaping or e-cigarettes in 2015 because the products were “harmful to health.”

Why Vaping Is Haram In Islam (Reason)

Vaping is categorized as haram because it is unhealthy because of its content. Vaping usually contains Nicotine and THC, which is harmful to the health of its users therefore, it is haram (impermissible) in Islam.

According to the hadith reported by Abu Sa’eed al-Khudree as, Rasulullah SAW once said,

“There should be neither harming (darar) nor reciprocating harm (dirar).”

Prophet Muhammad PBUH

So it can be concluded that anything harmful to Muslims is considered haram. This applies to nicotine and other toxic substances found in vape or e-cigarettes.

Is Vaping Without Nicotine Haram?

Vaping based-nicotine is considered haram because it contains substances that are harmful to health. However, if the vape does not contain harmful substances such as nicotine without traces of THC (0% THC), it can be considered halal.

Although nicotine-free vaping is considered halal, some scholars still advise avoiding it because it is a waste of money and disturbs other people exposed to the vapor.

Dr. Ali Ahmed Mashel, Head Mufti of Dubai’s Department of Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities, said that e-cigarettes are not only prohibited under Islamic Sharia but are also a “double sin” as vaping or inhaling and exhaling the vapors produced by electronic cigarettes or similar devices is as haram as regular smoking as its effects are not only harmful to the health of smokers but also those around them.

Meanwhile, the eminent scholar Sheikh Yusuf Ali said that Muslims are advised never to waste as often mentioned in the Holy Quran; in this case, it is to waste money by vaping.


Islamic Shari’a encourages Muslims to leave what makes them doubtful for what does not make them doubt and avoid dubious matters to protect their religious commitment and honor. Indeed Allah has permitted us good and halal things. There is sufficient so that no Muslims should need haram and uncertain things.

Reference Verse or Hadith:

  • Surah Al – Baqarah verse 195.
  • Surah An – Nisa verse 29
  • Surah Al – Isra verse 27
  • Surah Al – A’raf verse 157
  • Ibnu Majah No. 2341

Got a question? Feel free to ask mufti and get quick answers.

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