Muslim Community In India Helps Orphan Hindu Girl Get Married

Muslim Community In India Helps Orphan Hindu Girl Get Married

Religious harmony between Muslims and Hindus recently took place in Ramgarh City in Alwar District, Rajasthan State, India.

It can be seen when the President of the Anjuman Education Committee and the President of Panchayat Samiri Nasru Khan. They are Muslims, hand in hand, to help an orphaned Hindu girl to hold a wedding ceremony.

People from these Muslim communities come as maternal uncles for a special ceremony called Myra or bhaat. They gave assistance, including cash worth Rs 31,000 and other gifts, to the bride and helped arrange food for her wedding party.

The bride, Aarushi, a resident of Ramgarh, had become an orphan after she lost her parents when she was one year old. Although from a middle to lower economic background, Aarushi was cared for and brought up well by his uncle Jayaprakash Jangid and his wife and was even educated till MA.

After hearing the news that Aarushi was planning to marry Dalchand, a resident of Dholi Dubh, Anjuman Education Committee President and Samiti Panchayat President Nasru Khan immediately offered to help fill Aarushi’s Myra, given the poor financial condition of her family.

As reported by Indian Express, the members visited Aarushi’s house on Friday and helped her get married in a complete Hindu ritual. The Anjuman Educational Society bears all the costs of organizing the wedding ceremony and provides other wedding supplies as a gift to Aarushi. After the event, Aarushi was seen hugging her benefactors.

Nasru Khan, who blessed Aarsuhi’s bride during a Hindu ritual, said that his community often reaches out to girls without parents. This time it was by helping to meet all the needs of Aarushi’s traditional Hindu wedding.

He added that Ramgarh is now shrouded in an atmosphere of communalism following the often contested elections based on the Hindu-Muslim divide. They do this as part of the Ganga Jamni Tehzeb, an attempt to keep the Tehzeeb (culture) alive. Nasru hopes that the distance between the two religions will decrease and the brotherhood will be closer.

The bride’s uncle Jayprakash Jangid said that he would never take the positive attitude of the Muslim community who came to help his niece get married.

By simply raising money among themselves, the committee is known to have carried out similar actions before, where they had helped five girls from underprivileged Hindu families to organize wedding ceremonies. They also organized the mass weddings of 560 Muslim daughters in the past.

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