Dua For Job Interview and Meetings

dua for interviews and meetings

The interview process is one of the steps before heading to the next stage in the job hiring process. However, for most people, this stage is not easy to do. It is even quite stressful for some job seekers considering that this question and answer session determines whether or not an applicant passes the job he is applying for.

In these situations, we are advised to stay calm and control our nervousness. Confidence must also be highlighted to give a good impression during a job interview.

To further support our success in applying for a job interview, Muslims are advised to recite dua or supplications to overcome their nervousness through the teaching of the Prophet Musa’ alaihissalam. It can provide ease and serenity in all matters, especially when conducting a job interview.

As a Muslim, you must understand how sacred duas or supplications are offered to Allah SWT, especially when we want to ask for ease or serenity in what is being done.

To expedite the interview test, we can practice the verses listed in the Qur’an in Thaha, verses 25-28. The following readings and their meanings:

dua for interview

According to Shaykh As Saadi in Taisir Al Karimir Rahman, the meaning of “expand” in that verse is that our words and deeds should not hurt. And our hearts not be polluted and not narrowed down. Because if the heart is already narrow, it is difficult for people with that heart to give guidance (guidance of knowledge) to our interlocutor.

Meanwhile, “ease me my task” means to make all matters easy, and every path we take follows our expectations, making all difficulties easy. Among those who are facilitated is someone who asks for various conveniences from various doors, is made easy to talk to everyone properly, and conveys it in a way that is easily accepted by others.

In addition to reciting the Musa’ alaihis salam prayer, applicants can also try to keep their wudu (ablution )and perform sunnah prayers before facing an interview.

That is the dua you can recite to ease your nervousness during a job interview. It doesn’t have to be just when conducting an interview; when you want to speak in public, carry out an interview, or even argue, it is recommended to practice this dua before. I hope it is useful.

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