Dua For Entering and Leaving The Toilet (Bathroom Dua)

Dua For Entering and Leaving The Toilet

We are all Muslims always need the protection of Allah Ta’ala to remain safe from harm because it is only Allah who can truly protect us all. For this reason, we should ask Allah SWT for help as often as possible in all the activities we do.

One of our activities as humans is to fulfil nature’s call, which is to defecate and urinate, which requires us to enter the toilet. Yes, it’s true that we even have to recite a dua (supplication) when we enter the toilet as well as when we leave the toilet.

There might be some of you who are still confused about why we have to recite dua (supplication) when entering and leaving the toilet.

The scholars argue that it is mustahabb to ask Allah for protection when entering the bathroom to ask Him for protection from the devil who lives in the toilet and areas where ‘awrahs are exposed.

However, we are fortunate as ummah of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) because he has made this task easy for us by teaching us duas to be read at a time when we really need Allah’s protection, in this case, even trivial things like entering and leaving the toilet and this counts as prophets sunnah.

Dua for Entering Toilet / Bathroom

Our beloved Prophet taught us that we should put our left foot first before entering the toilet and recite dua:

dua for entering toilet bathroom

“Bismillah Allahumma inni a’udzu bika minal khubutsi wal khabaitsi.”

Translation : (In the name of Allah) O Allah, I seek protection in You from the male and female Shaytaan.”

We are also advised not to linger in the toilet for long and must immediately leave the toilet when all our activities in it are finished by stepping with the right foot when leaving the toilet door and also recite dua:

“Ghufranaka Alhamdulillah illadhi adhhaba anni al-adha wa ‘aafaanee”

Translation: “(O Allah) I seek forgiveness and pardon from You”. All Praise be to Allah, who has taken away from me discomfort and granted me relief”.

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