Dua For Looking In The Mirror

dua for mirror

Don’t let self-doubt defeat you! Recite this powerful Dua every time when looking into the mirror to boost your confidence and take control of your life.

Muslims are encouraged to constantly recite dua or supplications to Allah SWT before carrying out various activities, including reciting dua when looking in the mirror as narrated in the hadith of Imam Ahmad following the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

Decorating yourself and the mirror is certainly one of the daily activities that everyone usually does, especially women.

Looking in the mirror is part of beautifying yourself so you can appear confident when you are on the move.

Therefore, prayer, when looking in the mirror, should be practiced by every Muslim. Mirror prayer needs to be read as an expression of gratitude to Allah SWT for the gifts He has given.

Dua to Recite When Looking Into The Mirror

Here are the dua that you recite when looking in the mirror and its meaning:

dua for looking into the mirror

Reading a prayer is one of the etiquettes of looking in a mirror, so get to know another etiquette for mirroring. Here are numbers of the etiquette of mirroring that you can practice as a means to become a better person:

1. Say gratitude to Allah SWT

When looking in the mirror, every Muslim is always encouraged to be grateful for the gifts that Allah SWT has given. For this reason, the gift from Allah SWT should always be maintained and decorated as well as possible. This is as mentioned in one hadith, which means:

“Indeed Allah is beautiful and loves beauty.”

Sahih Muslim 91

2. Avoid Excessive Behavior

Islam prohibits excessive actions, including when looking in the mirror. Muslims are not encouraged to make themselves excessively. Because Allah hates all outrageous actions. As in His word, which means:

“O son of Adam, wear your beautiful clothes in every (entering) the mosque, eat and drink, and don’t be extravagant. Indeed, Allah does not like those who are excessive.”

Quran Al-A’raf: 31

3. Closing the ‘awrah

The following mirror manners decorate our body by wearing clothes covering our ‘awrah (intimate parts). Every Muslim is encouraged to choose clothes that cover ‘awrah perfectly.

Read More Duas:

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