Is Celebrating New Year Allowed In Islam

celebrating new year in islam
Jireh Foo

With the celebration of New Year’s 2024 nearing, many Muslims are eager to participate in the celebration and welcome the new year.

In most cases, they gather with family or friends to accomplish this.

In addition, others in the society question the validity of celebrating Christmas and New Year’s because they believe it conflicts with Islamic Sharia law.

Is New Year’s Celebration Permissible in Islam?

Yes, celebrating New Year is allowed in Islam.

A previous fatwa issued by Dar Al Iftaa clarified the permissibility of celebrating the New Year.

According to Dar Al Iftaa, in a previous fatwa, greetings for the New Year and manifestations of celebration, such as hanging decorations, are permissible in Islam since they serve social, religious, and patriotic purposes.

In the fatwa, it is stated that Sharia permits people to hold celebrations for their own amusement while also doing good on those occasions.

It should also enhance community participation, generate economic benefits, and strengthen kinship ties, provided that it does not include practices contrary to Islam.

Celebrations on New Year’s Eve

During the Christmas season, we commemorate the miraculous birth of Prophet Jesus, son of Mary; peace be upon him, who is immortalized in the Holy Qur’an and commanded to be remembered as one of God’s messengers.

According to Dar Al Iftaa, Muslims are commanded to coexist with people of other religions in their homeland to provide peace and serenity to others.

Providing them with opportunities to share their joys and occasions is fine, provided this does not entail them performing religious rituals or worship practices contrary to Islamic beliefs.

Got a question? Feel free to ask mufti and get quick answers.

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