Dua For Sleeping And Dua After Waking Up

dua for sleeping and dua after waking up

Looking for Dua for sleeping and dua that you can recite after you wake up in the morning? We have compiled everything here.

Sleep is a necessity for every living being. It recharges one’s battery so they can further prepare themselves for daily upcoming activities. Sleeping is essential whether you are sleeping at night or taking a quick nap. Sleeping will improve the function of your brain and increases mental and physical health.

Dua for Sleeping

dua for sleeping

Sleep is encouraged to function properly. However, in Islam, there are some etiquettes and certain rulings provided with it to sleep peacefully and in a religious manner.

Dua After Waking Up

dua after waking up

Sleep in a neat area. Many people sleep in the bed, but you can still sleep anywhere until that place is clean and comfortable. It is Sunnah to dust your bed lightly so that it is clean enough to sleep.

It is also sunnah to sleep on your right side facing the direction of Qibla.

Before going to bed, you can also recite some chapters of the Quran. Even though it is optional, it will help you fall asleep with ease and bring great rewards.

You can also make dua for anything you like before sleeping.

Before going to sleep, add your personal duaa in your own words. You can make duas like telling Allah how thankful and blessed you are to be guided towards Islam. You can also ask him to grant protection and support as well as favors. You can further grant provisions and ask for forgiveness or acknowledge those sins you may have done.

Sometimes falling asleep can be tough or almost impossible. Doing Dhikr and making dua can help you get a peaceful sleep if your troubling to fall asleep.

Before sleeping, make sure that you make a good environment like turning lights off and keeping away your phones because technology is known to keep you up. Make sure the environment is dark and quiet so you can sleep easily without any trouble.

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