Dua for Childbirth

A powerful prayer for a safe and smooth delivery of your child.
dua for child birth

Pregnancy is a miraculous journey, and during this time, many mothers who are expecting pray to seek comfort and strength.

Dua for Childbirth

Dua For Safe Childbirth

يا خالق النفس من النفس، ويا مخلص النفس من النفس، ويا مخرج النفس من النفس خَلِّصني یاحفیظ یاسلام یارحیم

Yaa Khaaliqan Nafsi Mina Nafs Wa ya Mukhlis’an Nafsi Minan Nafs Wa Ya Mukhrijan Nafsi Minan Nafs, Khallisni ya Hafeez, Ya salam ya raheem.

O He Who Creates Life From Life, O He Who Brings Out Life From Life, O He Who Delivers Life From Life, Save Me! Deliver The Child From The Womb. O The Protector, O The Source Of Peace, O The Most Merciful.

Sources and Meaning of the Dua

This dua is a plea for Allah’s assistance during childbirth. It emphasizes His power as the Creator and Sustainer of life. The supplicant asks for protection and ease during the delivery process, asking for Allah’s attributes of being the Protector, the Source of Peace, and the Most Merciful.

Why Is This Dua Significant?

The repetition of Allah’s attributes in the dua ensures the faith and trust in His (SWT)’s protection and mercy. By reciting this dua, a pregnant woman places her hope and fears in Allah’s hands, seeking His help for a safe and healthy delivery.

Furthermore, the dua provides emotional and spiritual support. It can be a source of comfort and strength, helping to calm anxieties and bring a sense of peace during the challenging moments of labor and delivery.

How Many Times Should You Recite This Dua?

  • This dua can be recited as many times as desired, whether once or a hundred times.
  • It is highly recommended to recite this dua once after each of the five daily obligatory prayers.

Reciting the dua after the fard prayers ensures that the expectant mother is regularly seeking Allah’s assistance and blessings throughout her pregnancy.

By turning to this dua, pregnant women can find solace and strength, trusting in Allah’s plan for a safe and smooth delivery.

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