Best Dua For Travelling – To Have Safe Journey

dua for travelling safe journey

Dua For TravellingIslam is a wonderful and practical religion that provides perfect guidance and methods for humans to spend their lives. The life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the best example for us to act upon. It is also sunnah for us Muslims to act upon his teachings.

Dua For Travelling

Dua for travel travelling

One of the best things about Islam is that we have dua almost everything. From eating, sitting, sleeping, and even traveling. There can be many benefits for us to reciting duas.

Benefits Of Dua For Travelling

Whenever a Muslim travels or steps out of the home for a journey, whether it is a short distance or long distance traveling, we recite some duas. So we can have a safe journey and receive the blessings of Almighty Allah.

  1. If a person recites dua for traveling, then the Angels protect you while you get back home.
  2. Reciting dua when traveling can save an individual from incidents that one has never imagined.
  3. By reciting dua, a person is more likely to perform good deeds and have a positive day ahead.
  4. Allah grants the traveler ease in his journey.
  5. Reciting duas leads to blessings from Allah.

Hundreds of thousands of people usually die because of traffic accidents in bikes, cars, planes, etc., all across the world, so traveling can be quite fatal. As we grew up, we heard about a lot of plane crashes and other dangerous events. So we need to seek help from Allah to stay protected and safe, and he is the only one who can protect us from dangerous hazards and accidents.

We must also try our best to minimize our traveling unless it is necessary or urgent as Muslims. We need to recite duas more often so we can stay blessed and safe from the curse of shaitan at the same time.

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