Taraweeh Dua: How to Pray Taraweeh Salat With tasbeeh Taraweeh

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Taraweeh Dua: Tarawih salat or known as the Ramadan night prayer is a prayer that is considered Sunnat-e-Muakaddah.

Sunnat-e-muakkadah salat itself is an emphasized sunnah that Rasulullah (PBUH) performs punctually without leaving it out. These are not obligatory, but a person who abandons them is considered blameworthy.

Tarawih prayers are prayed after Farz Namaz of isha every night of Ramadan, and in this salat, Holy Quran will be completed.

Taraweeh Dua

Taraweeh Dua

Although there is debate regarding how many rakaats are of Taraweeh. But all the evidence gathered from the hadiths and books of Islamic scholars has provided sufficient evidence about the Taraweeh Namaz.

How to pray Taraweeh

According to Imam Baihaqi, the proper testimony (Saheeh Asnad) says that people used to offer 20 Cycles (Rakaats) for Tarawih Prayers during the Caliphate of Umer Farooq (RA), even this was considered as a norm during the caliphates of Usman Ibn Affan (RA) and Syedna Ali RA.

The Taraweeh should be performed in 2 rakaats each. For every four rakaats, it is recommended to sit for approximately the time it takes to offer four rakaats. During this sitting, one may keep quiet or recite Kalemah or the Salutations or recite the following “Tasbieh” :

Reciting the entire Holy Quran in the Taraweeh is also an emphasized sunnah (Muakkadah). Completing it two or three times is even better. The Imam or the memorizer (Hafiz) is obliged to read the Al-Quran with proper pronunciation.

On the other hand, charging fees or setting wages for leading Taraweeh Prayers is strictly prohibited. Both the payer and the recipient of wages in this case will both be sinful.

Performing Tarawih prayers begins after the Obligatory (farz) Night (Isha) prayers and lasts until dawn. If a person does not perform the Night Prayer with the congregation, he must offer it alone and join the Taraweeh congregation.

However, he must offer the Witr prayer alone without congregation. Therefore, it is better for Taraweeh in the mosque with the congregation.

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