These Are The Ten Rights Of A Daughter, According To Islam

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Daughter is the blessing of Allah. Allah blesses with daughters to those people who deserve them. Islam gave huge respect and honor to daughters.

muhammad about daughters hadith

The status of being a daughter before Islam was very harsh. In Roman culture, daughters were married to old persons and in Arab, they were buried alive. But then Islam came in to being and grant them rights and create some responsibilities for them.

  1. For the very first time, Islam considered a woman equal to man and describe that there is no discrimination against them.
  2. Islam gave them the right to education and work equally as the man for her family.
  3. Islam gave a daughter right to marry the person according to her wish.
  4. Islam gave her the right to father’s property. Her share is half of her brother’s share.
  5. Islam gave her a right to Khula if she is not satisfied with her marriage and husband.
  6. Islam gave her the right to sue the person who sexually harassed or abused her.
  7. Islam gave her the right to live happily with or without a man. Man is not everything for her.
  8. Islam gave her the right to speak and express her views and ideas in front of the public.
  9. Islam gave her the right to be the power of the world and explain that without a woman, a man is nothing.
  10. Islam gave her the right to be a self-own person or in other sense taking the decision about herself in every matter.
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And, now daughters have some responsibilities:

  1. Duty to cover herself properly to live safely in society. 
  2. Duty to keep the dignity of herself. 
  3. Duty to take care of her family. 
  4. Duty to be in Limits when it’s a matter of Na-Mahram. 
  5. Duty to be loyal to her husband and keep her Iman safe and strong. 

So, according to all these Islam gave huge importance to women especially daughters. May Allah protect all our daughters and sister and blessed them with all the happiness of the world.

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