Masjid al-Haram Entry and Exit Gates for Umrah Pilgrims in Ramadan

Gates for entry and exit have been allocated separately at the Grand Mosque.
gate of makkah
Photo: Khawaja Umer Farooq

Keeping in account the increase in the number of pilgrims at the holy place, the General Authority for the Grand Mosque in Kabah and the Prophet’s Mosque has allocated several gates for the entry and exit of Umrah pilgrims.

Table of Contents

Entry Gates

  • King Fahd Gate (Map)
  • Al-Shibaika Bridge (Map)
  • King Abdul Aziz Gate 1 (Map)
  • Bab Ajyad (Map)
  • Ajyad Bridge (Map)

Exit Gates

  • Ismail Gate (Gate 5) (Map)
  • Bab Bilal (Gate 4) (Map)
  • Bab Al-Safa (Gate 7) (Map)

Watch the video for navigation;

          To every Muslim in the world, Ramadan holds a special place, during this entire month every Muslim fasts from dusk till dawn and frequently practices Islamic obligations.

          This holy month holds immense significance for Muslims worldwide. It is considered as a blessed month. Therefore, the count of pilgrims is also mostly multiplied in this holy month.

          To ensure the smooth operation of Umrah during Ramadan, the Saudi authorities have made various arrangements for the pilgrims visiting the holy place.

          They have also provided various facilities and services, such as transportation, accommodation, food, water, and medical care, and have advised the pilgrims to observe health and safety measures, including wearing masks and using their prayer rugs.

          Update: We have updated this page with more information about exit and entry gates.

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