Ryanair CEO says Terrorists are generally Muslims, Sparks Outrage

Ryanair CEO Terrorists are generally Muslims

The founder of one of the world’s largest airline firms is surrounded by criticism after Ryanair CEO stated that all Muslim men should be additionally investigated the airports. Michael O’Leary, the 58 years old Ryanair CEO, stated a comment to The Times within an interview.

He said that the males who are traveling solely and belong to the Muslim persuasion possess higher chances of being a bomber and thus involve a greater risk to the airline firms than to the rest passengers.

He continued by saying that investigations of the Muslim families aren’t required to be deeper than their chances of being bombers and blowing up the places is none.

However, the Muslim men are required to be profiled when they are present at the airports because most of the terrorists appear to be from the Muslim influence, as shared by the CEO of Ryanair in an interview uploaded on Saturday.

His remarks sparked accusations concerning racism. A spokesman of the Muslim Council of Britain charged the CEO with Islamophobia. He added that the CEO can’t claim that this sentence as it is clearly representing his racism as back before 30 years, a terrorist was found to be an Irish.

He also stated that discrimination based on institutions is well-established; from the ability to search a job to purchase a house, and even to get insurance for the car.

Muslims tend to face a lot of challenges when they are flying, which can be found documented throughout the world. Khalid Mahmood, the Labor MP, also shared a statement on it that O’Leary is promoting racism.

Another statement was made over a recent scenario that a white person killed around eight people this week in Germany and another white person stabbed London Mosque Imam. On account of this event, should we start investigating every white person deeply to check whether they are fascists or not?

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