Powerful Dua For Parents – Mother and Father

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Parents are indeed a blessing of Allah. They help us grow, they give all of their things to help us get a better life and to do well in life.

Unfortunately, our mothers and fathers do everything they can to make us feel fulfilled but we still do not do enough for them to make them a smile. We live in a society where most people abandon their old parents just because they can not listen to them.

While, some of us are unfortunate who lost any of their parents, which can be very sad that they have lost such a big part of their life.

A mother and a father do not want money, luxuries or anything from their kids. What they actually want is their Time, Compassion and Company. But instead of giving it to them, we are just throwing tantrums at our Mothers and pleasing our fathers so he could give us money.

Today, in this blog, let’s make a special Dua for parents. Let’s take an oath that we will not disrespect our parents, we won’t throw tantrums at our mother just because we had a rough day, promise yourself that you won’t please your father for the sake of money only.

Even if your parents are no more, this dua is also a perfect dua for dead parents. This dua for parents is from Quran and one should always recite it for the health and a better life after their passing.

We need to change, and we need to change ourselves from this moment on.

Let’s together recite this dua for the Parents

Please do share this dua for parents across your family, help them pray for their loved ones, and help the people who lost them, remember in a way that is taught by Prophet Muhammad PBUH after a revelation from Allah SWT.

If you have a video, article or audio of similar thing, do not forget to send it to us. We would love to feature Islamic content that will reach millions of Muslims all around the world.

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