9 Important Duas Of All Prophets in Islam

Duas Of All Prophets in Islam

Dua is an important part of being a believer. The Holy Prophet Muhammad even regards Dua as the best form of worship. Dua can be a powerful weapon that can strengthen our Imaan and can also be used to seek Allah’s mercy and forgiveness.

The following duas came from the best people, the Prophets, that we can emulate to achieve peace and success in our lives.

1. Dua Of Adam (AS)

dua of adam

This is the dua uttered by mankind, which was said by Prophet Adam A.S to ask forgiveness from Allah SWT after committing his first sin. Therefore, this is a helpful dua to say for istighfar (asking for forgiveness).

2. Dua Of Nuh (AS)

dua of nuh

This dua is a request for repentance from Noah A.S after he learned of Allah’s rebuke, which contained a rejection of his request that his son Kan’an be saved from a hurricane. He asked Him for forgiveness for his mistakes in asking for something that was not in its place. We can also use this prayer to ask forgiveness from Allah SWT sincerely.

3. Dua Of Yusuf (AS)

dua of yusuf

This is Yusuf’s prayer to Allah SWT after the favors given to him are complete by being able to gather him with his father, mother, and brothers, and other gifts in the form of prophethood and power (kingdom). He begged his Lord so that the perfect favors he had received in this world would continue in the Hereafter, and he begged Him that when he dies, he dies as a Muslim. May Allah bless us all to die as devout Muslims.

4. Dua Of Yunus (AS)

dua of yunus

Prophet Yunus AS said this dua when he was stuck in the belly of a whale. When he felt hopeless, he turned to Allah SWT in repentance and begged for His mercy. This prayer is also one of the prayers that are suitable to say for istighfar and at times of hardship.

5. Dua Of Lut (AS)

dua of lut

This is the prayer of the Prophet Lut to ask Allah’s help to prove what he has said to them, which is to send down the punishment on the people who do the damage. That is, those who are disobedient because they have committed homosexuality. Allah accepted this dua of the Prophet Lut. We can also use this dua to ask for Allah’s SWT help in dealing with evil people.

6. Dua Of Ayub (AS)

dua of ayub

As we all know, Prophet Ayub A.S was tested with the disappearance of all his possessions, and all his children died, everyone stayed away from him except his wife. He was also ill for many years with a terrible disease. However, he remained patient and steadfast in his belief in Allah SWT. In his affliction, he asked for His mercy with this dua.

7. Dua Of Musa (AS)

dua of musa 1024x1024 1

On the way from Egypt to Madyan, Musa came across a fountain that was crowded with people. At the back of that fountain, he found two women who were having trouble giving water to their flocks. So Musa watered their flock for them. Prophet Musa AS continued to help others to get a drink while he was feeling hungry. He then said this dua to ask Allah SWT for help in the midst of his difficulties.

8. Dua of Zakariya (AS)

dua of zakariya

This is a dua recited by Prophet Zakariya A.S when he turned to Allah SWT and asked that he may have a child. Although he was old and his wife was barren, nothing is impossible with Allah’s mercy. This prayer teaches us how a believer who initiates a dua and repeatedly worships Allah SWT can grant his request.

9. Dua Of Shu’ayb (AS)

dua of shoaib

Prophet Shu’aib AS recited this prayer when he was dealing with his people who had threatened to expel him from his country if he did not want to stop his preaching.
Allah then saved the Prophet Shu’aib and his followers and companions from polytheism. May Allah SWT always protect us from Shirk and always guide us to the right path.

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