Taraweeh Dua for Prayers in Ramadan- English/Arabic

taraweeh dua for prayers in ramadan

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Taraweeh Dua: In the prayer of Taraweeh, there are 20 rakats in total, and each consists of 2 rakats. Taraweeh prayer is not fardh or compulsory or wajib (obligatory) but according to hadith it has been confirmed as sunnah.

For example, Tahajud is an optional or Nafal prayer. But it is considered a Sunnah prayer because Holy prophet Muhammad PBUH performed it. 

Taraweeh is only performed during the month of Ramadan. The Taraweeh begins from the evening of sighting of Ramadan Moon and continues throughout Ramadan till the Shawwal moon is sighted. Usually, Taraweeh is offered before Isha prayer but before the witrs of isha prayer.

Dua for Taraweeh

taraweeh dua

Ruling Of Taraweeh Prayer

  • Taraweeh is prayed by muslims during the Holy month of Ramadan and it is one of the gifts of Ramadan. 
  • The taraweeh prayer is not fardh or compulsory but according to many scholars and teaching of sahabas it is confirmed as Sunnah because Holy prophet Muhammad PBUH used to offer it. 
  • It is known as Qiyaam al-layl which means night prayers.
  • Offering the taraweeh prayer in congregation is Sunnah of our Holy prophet Muhammad PBUH. 
  • Normally the taraweeh prayer is prayed after isha prayer in congregation but the time of praying taraweeh (qiyyam) is after isha prayer until fajr prayer. 
  • The taraweeh prayer consists of 20 rakats with each having 2 rakats and there is a little break after every 4 rakat. 
  • The taraweeh prayer is normally prayed by following the imam of the mosque in the congregation and having an intention of 2 rakats. 
  • 3 units of witr is prayed in congregation after the completion of 20 rakats in the taraweeh. 


Salah is considered as the most supreme form of worship. It is a good exercise and the taraweeh prayer can relieve stress. 

Have a great Ramadan ahead, duas for our readers and their families.

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