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dua for pain instant relief

Dua For Pain: We certainly want to maintain our health every day. However, we will never know when the disease or pain will come to us.

Sometimes we feel pain, not in our whole body but also partially. An accident can cause a part of our body to sprain. Pain in the body can hinder our daily productivity.

Pain can not only be felt physically but also mentally. Sometimes our time-consuming routines make us mentally drained etc.

The physical and mental pain that humans feel is a test from Allah to test faith and can be a means for us to practice patience.

For this reason, every Muslim is recommended to increase his Istighfar to Allah SWT so that later this pain can become an expiation for his sins.

Dua For Pain

Dua For Pain

Islam teaches us to Ikhtiar, trying our best to solve our problem while praying to Allah SWT in the face of trials that the Almighty has given us. No exception when you, as a Muslim, feel pain.

If you want to be given immediate healing and return to health when you are sick, Muslims must strive to seek treatment and, at the same time, put their trust in Allah SWT by reciting dua to relieve pain and multiplying Dhikr.

Dua for pain relief in Islam has been arranged in such a way based on what was practiced by the Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

Rasulullah SAW has specific prayers that he often recites when he wants to relieve pain. The Holy Prophet also applied this dua to ease the pain of family members, friends, or even to one sick part of his own body.

The dua of these pain relief prayers are generally simple and easy to read. Every Muslim who feels pain can say a prayer in any kind sentence to Allah SWT to ask for healing so that the pain will go away soon.

In addition to good sentences that we can ask God for when we are sick, we can also do it together by multiplying Istighfar to reading Surah Al-Ikhlas, Al-Falaq, and An-Nas, then blowing the breath into the hand and then rubbing it on the sick body part.

Best for:

  • Swelling and pain
  • Pain relief in legs
  • Pain in hand
  • Nerve pain
  • Relief in back
  • Pain in head
  • Relief in ear
  • Pain in the stomach
  • Pain relief in Periods

In addition to the general reading, we can also read special dua taught by the Prophet, specifically intended to ask for healing from pain.

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