5 Must Islamic Things To Do Before You Go To Sleep

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Sleep is one of the most precious gifts from Almighty Allah. And these are the five things that you should do before going to bed.

Whether we are amongst those who love to nap at the most suitable minute or those sleep-dispossessed persons who want nothing more than for the skull to hit the cushion, possibly the last entity on our observances is a checklist earlier sleeping, FOR sleeping! Yet for somewhat we devote jaggedly one-third of our lives achievement, and with no assurance of awakening up the next dawn, it is a good hint to give it some thinking.

Let us comprehend the good manners of sleeping from the holy viewpoint given completed by the AhlulBayt (peace be upon them), and make valuable changes in our sleeping ways as we struggle to bring into line each and every feature of our lives with their wisdoms.

1. Make “Wudhu” and before climbing into bed, dust the bed three times with the corner of your clothes while saying “Bismillah“.

2. Hold your palms together and recite (Surah Al-Ikhlas, Surah Al-Falaq and Surah Al-Naas) and spite (only air) then wipe over entire body hands, beginning with the head and face and then all parts of the body. Do this three times.

3. Read or Recite your Athkaar and Ayat Al Kursi.

4. Say “SubhanAllah (33 Times)“, “Alhamdullah (33 Times)“, “Allah Hu Akber (34 Times)

5. Sleep on your Right side.

“Have a GOODNIGHT sleep”

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