This Man Walked For An Year From Indonesia To Reach Makkah!

Man Walked For An Year From Indonesia To Reach Makkah

Indonesia: The hidden explanation behind his excursion is both a trial of his physical and profound quality and all the more essentially, to share the message of expectation.

Indonesian national Mochammad Khamim Setiawan, 28, began his trip to Makkah from Pekalongan City in the Central Java region of Indonesia by foot right around a year back. He stated, as indicated by the Holy Quran, strolling is an unadulterated type of doing the Haj.

Putting his full trust in God, saying that we are everything except God’s visitors on earth, he began his voyage of more than 9,000km on August 28, 2016, with only two or three shirts, two sets of jeans and shoes, twelve sets of socks, a few underpants, a dozing sack and tent, a convenient light, an advanced mobile phone and a GPS.

He has been voyaging light – conveying a solitary knapsack decorated with a smaller than usual Indonesian banner, and wearing a shirt which understands ‘I’m en route to Mecca by foot’.

He has disregarded away any common materials, left his business in Indonesia (he has a financial aspects degree from Semarang State University and had a prospering contracting organization) and begun with just several Indonesian rupiah notes in his pocket.

The fundamental explanation behind his trip is both a trial of his physical and otherworldly quality and all the more critically, to share the message of expectation, resistance and concordance.

“I trust that doing the Haj is not only a show of solidarity with the Muslim individuals,” Mochammad disclosed to Khaleej Times in a talk at the Indonesian Consulate in Dubai on Wednesday. “My method for demonstrating my full accommodation to Allah (SWT) is to take in Islam from different Muslim researchers and meeting individuals of different influences to concentrate their way of life and watch resistance.”

“I am additionally doing a more noteworthy type of jihad, which is restraining myself and conquering a profound battle against transgression,” included Mochammad, who has really been fasting day by day, with the exception of amid religious occasions, over the most recent five years.

Before his voyage, Mochammad said he spent a fortnight in the timberland of Banten area in Indonesia for physical molding. He likewise spent a little while in a mosque for otherworldly fortifying.

Since he is fasting, he ventures just around evening time, covering no less than 50km day by day when he is in great frame. On the off chance that he feels his knees are powerless, he just covers 10-15kms.

Notwithstanding the rigors of his voyages, he just fell wiped out twice – in India and Malaysia. He just ate halal sustenance and did not have any nourishment supplements, swallowing just nectar blended with any natural liquid to construct his insusceptibility against harsh climate conditions.

He said he never met any muggers out and about yet described he had no less than three experiences with venomous snakes in Malaysian backwoods. “However, inexplicably, before they could even nibble me, they just all of a sudden tumbled down and kick the bucket,” Mochammad said.

“I never asked however I generally met individuals who gave me sustenance and different arrangements,” he proceeded. “I was invited at a Buddhist sanctuary in Thailand; town individuals in Myanmar sustained me; I examined and met Muslim researchers from different nations at Jamaah Tabligh mosque in India; and I moved toward becoming companions with an Irish Christian couple who were riding bicycles in Yangon.

“It was through God’s effortlessness and furthermore through constructive vibes – having no hostility to individuals I meet – that I am as yet ready to proceed with this go, in spite of having no money related assets,” Mochammad included.

On Saturday, Mochammad will go to the Indonesian Embassy in Abu Dhabi to sit tight for his visa. From that point, he will proceed with his go to Makkah. His point is to achieve Islam’s holiest city before August 30 this year.

In the interim, Indonesian representative Murdi Primbani said Mochammad is a good example for youthful Muslims for his humbleness, most profound sense of being, comprehensiveness and assurance.

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