3 Reasons Why Muslims Like Cristiano Ronaldo

3 Reasons Why Muslims Like Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo was applauded online for moving two Coca-Cola bottles away from his desk during Euro 2020 Press Conference on Monday.

He encouraging people to drink water instead while holding a water bottle, followed by shouting in Portuguese, saying “Agua!”.

Ronaldo is indeed known as a person who is vocal in his stance, he is not only one of the best football players right now but he also a caring human being.

He often shows his kindness with actions that many people praise. Here is the reason why Ronaldo is not only the best player but also a great human being that many people loved.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo is an active advocate of human rights

First, Cristiano Ronaldo is an open advocate for human rights especially Palestinian rights. Ronaldo never hid the fact that he is Pro-Palestine.

He has expressed support for Palestine several times in the past, like when he met a Palestinian boy whose family was killed by Israeli settlers in a firebomb.

This Portuguese player took photos with five-year-old Ahmed Dawabcheh, gave the little boy a Real Madrid jersey signed by the whole team.

And because of his charity work with the children, Christiano Ronaldo was chosen as Personality of the Year in Palestine.

2. He is an active donor of charities

Second, Ronaldo, who is now a Juventus player, has participated in many charities. One of them is donating to children with cancer and in war-torn Syria. Not only that he also donated millions of his earnings to Palestinian who are desperately in need.

In a video he recorded to support the children of Syria, saying that those children are the real heroes. Encouraging them to never lose hope cause the world is with them, including him.

3. He wants to change the world for the better

Last but not least, as we all know his football performance is exceptional. Ronaldo has a market value of $54.5 million, has a lot of achievements throughout his career.

But he is using all of his achievements and power as a famous successful football player to change this world to be a better place.

He urged other players to do the same, cause he believes with all the powers the players have, they can change a few parts of the world.

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