Simple Practices That Can Erase All Your Sins

Simple Practice That Can Erase All Your Sins

Remember that Islam is perfect, but people are not. Allah SWT created humans, jinn, and angels. Angels are created perfect and do not make mistakes, and always obey orders from Allah. But unlike humans, we can make mistakes and do bad things.

However, Hadith has mentioned that if a person commits a sin or bad deed reluctantly and then realizes that they have committed a sinful act, they are still given the opportunity by Allah SWT to wash away their sins by doing good deeds or charity.

Here are seven simple practices or good deeds that can help you erase your sins :

1. Istighfar for 60 seconds

If you recite Istighfar, that is, say “Astaghfirullah” (I Seek Forgiveness of Allah) in 60 seconds continuously, then you will likely reach 200x Istighfar.

This one minute Istighfar In Shaa’Allah will weigh our scales on the Day of Judgement.

2. Say “subhanAllahi Wa Bihamdihi” 100 times a day

You can erase your sins by saying “SubhanAllahi Wa Bihamdihi” (Glory and praise to Allah) 100 times a day. Apart from it, you could also get rewarded for reviving a sunnah, InshaaAllah.

“Whoever says ‘SubhanaAllahi Wa Bihamdihi,’ one hundred times a day will be forgiven all his sins, even if they were as much as the foam of the sea” (Bukhari)

So even if you happen to have a mountain of sins, then by saying SubhanaAllahi Wa Bihamdihi, your sins can be forgiven by Allah SWT.

3. Read “La Haula wa la Quwwata Illa Billah”

“La Haula wa la Quwwata Illa Billah” (There is no might nor power except with Allah.) is a Muslim’s admission that he is unable to do anything without the help and support of Allah. No matter how great the power and strength, a person still cannot do anything without the help of Allah the Almighty.

This sentence can not only be spoken by a person who is facing a very difficult problem for him to overcome on his own, but this sentence also contains power as a request for forgiveness for us to repent for our sins.

This sentence is heaven’s treasure (precious treasure in heaven) that can be pronounced 30-40 times in 1 minute.

4. Often say the sentence that Allah likes the most, namely “Subhanallahi wabihamdihi, Subhanallahil adzim”

Prophet Muhammad SAW said that two words that are light on the tongue and heavy on the scales of the day of Judgement and are very lovely to Allah are Subhan Allahi Wa Bihamdihi Subhan Allahil Azeem (Glory be to Allah, and all praise is due to Him, glory is to Allah the great ).

The benefits and advantages of saying these beautiful words are innumerable, meaning we can get many benefits from reading them, including the forgiveness of our sins.

5. Send Salawaat

Whoever sends blessings upon Prophet once, Allah will send blessings upon him tenfold and erase ten misdeeds from him and raise him ten degrees in status.

6. Saying “Subhanallah Walhamdulillah Walaa Ilaha Illallah Wallahu Akbar”

Subhanallah Walhamdulillah Wala Ilaha Illallah Wallahu Akbar is an extraordinary dhikr and Dua that is preferably most loved by Allah in comparison to any other dhikr.

If we can use our time at least 1 minute to recite this sentence, we can get something better from the world and everything in it.

7. Reciting  Surat Al Ikhlas Ten Times A Day

The Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam once said, “Whoever reads Surah Al Ikhlas 10 times a day, Allah will build him a palace in heaven” Subhanallah.

May Allah SWT grant us all the opportunity to increase our wealth in good deeds and erase our bad deeds Ameen Ya Rabbul Alameen.

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