Dua Before And After Eating

Dua Before And After Eating

In Islam, all aspects of daily life have been arranged in such a way and have their respective duas.

There is no exception to etiquette and prayer when we want to eat and after eating. Muslim parents will usually teach about etiquette and dua before and after eating to their children from a very young age.

It is hoped that the good habits that have been taught and practiced since childhood will become habits that will continue to be carried out by Muslim children until they grow up.

Reciting dua before and after eating is one of the sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad SAWW. Our beloved Prophet advised us to recite dua before eating not without reason.

Saying prayers both before and after eating is a form of gratitude for Muslims for the blessings that have been given by Allah SWT, including the food and drink itself.

Another reason that Muslims are encouraged to recite dua before and after eating is that satan will not be joining us eating if we have to recite dua in the name of Allah SWT.

Dua Before Eating

dua before eating

Dua After Eating

dua after eating

In a hadith narrated by Imam Muslim, it is stated that satan can join the dinner with people who forget to mention the name of Allah SWT.

In addition, prayer before and after eating can bring blessings from the food we consume. Eating that begins and ends with prayer will be able to nourish our soul and body.

On the other hand, by praying before eating, we can be categorized as having done worship and will receive a reward. It is known that everything that is intended, begins, and ends by praying to Allah, will be counted as worship. Allah SWT promises rewards for those who practice it.

Reciting dua before and after eating is just one of the many etiquettes of eating in Islam. Here are etiquette of eating that we can practice according to Sunnah:

  1. Wash both hands before eating
  2. Read Bismillah
  3. Eat with the right hand. Use your right hand when eating and drinking
  4. Eat and drink in moderation or not excessively.
  5. Do not eat and drink while standing.
  6. Wash your hands after you are done eating.
  7. Never criticize what you eat and never waste food.
  8. Read the prayer after finishing.

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