5 Years Old Blind Kid Memorized the Entire Quran through Radio

5 Years Old Blind Kid Memorized the Entire Quran through Radio

Hussein Mohammad Tahir, a five-year-old Blind Kid, has memorized the whole Holy Book of Quran with the help of a Radio. He was blind since the day he was born. In the span of three years, he memorized the Holy book.

He resides with his parents in Jeddah. Hussein got involved in the Holy Qur’an from the moment when radio arrived in his house. As he wasn’t able to watch Television, his father decided to buy a radio for him.

Muhammad Tahir, Hussein’s father, stated that he fixed the frequency of a station that broadcasts the Holy Qur’an only. He wanted his son to have a habit of listening to the recitations. Throughout these three years, Tahir wasn’t aware that his son was involved in memorizing the Holy Qur’an with the help of the radio.

When they shifted from Jeddah to Madina, Hussein asked his father to visit the Mosque of Prophet (PBUH).

As a condition for the visit, he was made to recite a few verses from Surah Al-Baqra to his father, Tahir added. His recitation of the entire Surah shocked Tahir completely. On knowing about his memorization, he took him to various teachers and other people to further confirm it.

And thus, they confirmed the success which Hussein achieved. He just needed a few lessons concerning the recitation of the Holy Qur’an.

Hussein joined the memorization circle of the Holy Qur’an developed in the Prophet (PBUH)’s Mosque for the blind children.

Tahir also added that his son’s achievement made him forget about his problems completely, which he had faced throughout the years because of his blindness and a slight disability in his one hand. Tahir is very happy and thankful to Allah (SWT).

On taking the power of vision from Hussein, Allah gifted him with few other special powers of a strong memory and listening.

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