Harvard University Ranks “Quran” As The Best Book for Justice

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Harvard University quotes the Quran, with its divine words, which is the final revelation as believed by us, the Muslims. Allah has selected it as His last and final book. Without any doubt, it came from the Creator of this Universe and guides us on the right path of living.

Rules and Justice are highly prioritized in Islam and the Holy Book which is full of essential laws for humans. Islam doesn’t have any space for injustice.

The whole globe also accepts this truth and reveres what is mentioned in the Qur’an. Though their actions appear contrary, the same is the case of Muslims.

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At the entrance of the Library for Faculty, Harvard Law School, being of the prominent Law School, has displayed an ayah from Surah Nisa. It explains that it is among the greatest expression regarding justice in the past. Harvard Law School is known to be home to the biggest academic library around the world and is a part of Harvard University.

The Ayah number 135 from Surah/Chapter Nisa (woman) orders human being to stick firmly by justice. Following attached it the whole verse:

harvard law school quran verse surah nisa
Wall of Harvard School of Law/Twitter

It appears to be among the three significant quotations displayed on the wall which is facing the main entrance of the faculty. The rest two belongs to St. Augustine and Magna Carta.

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These quotations were recommended by the faculties and the students of Law School and from more than 100 entries, the Qur’anic verse has opted.

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  • 678.8K
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This Book (Quran) is free from error.


You can’t truly believe that.


Why not?? They tried to find any error but they did not find any. Or just produce a chapter like it, you won’t be able.

Renee D Simmons

You truly must not have studied.


Quran is the best knowledge allah has given to the mankind, and who ever attached with his heart he/she will never go astray. it is where drives from all the science on this universe.


allho akbar …the koran is from allah witch means there no error or injustice on it ..


That’s realott


Unfortunately, Muslims don’t practice this Ayat.

Zakurajah The Great

Whether Muslims practise it or not, the Quran remains sacrosanct.


Some Muslims not all of them

M Ateyat

Maybe true but Quran came for all man kind not just for Muslims


Allah is justice.


Reading Quarran also reduces blood pressure by 1p%

Bruce Wayne

lol sorry but that outright sounds absurd.

Mohammad Shaheer Ismail

Brother, for Allah, this is nothing. He can make you clean from all these kind of things. He ( Allah ) can do anything.

M Ateyat

Maybe you should try reading it your self and not through the news brother.


Ill adress each of the points ! • 19:67 is in reference to those questioning being risen after death. ALLAH then says we were created from nothing so bringing you back from the dead is easy ! • 96:1-2 is reference to the formation of the human embryo. Starts off as a clot of blood . • 6:2 is reference to us humans sharing elements that are found in the earth . Iron is one example. • 24:45 is in reference to the human body & every living creature is made up of water ! • 16:4 is reference to… Read more »


Allah is great, walahi time will come that every non-believers will see the true meaning of this Qur’an but at that time it will be too later, may Allah SWT guard and protect every Muslims from the hatre of the non Muslims, may Allah SWT grant us paradise Ameen

Samer sharara

Why the word non Muslim , stop with diversity, allah create us in all aspects , he knows us more than we know each other , we need to kill the hate and live and I know our faith is being attack by a lot because it simple , our faith unite us whoever you are we accept you , that’s one of the prophetصلى الله عليه و سلم saying بالحسنة
In piece ☺️☺️


BaarakaLlaohu feequm

Hardi Yakubu

The Best Book Ever written





Gulam Rasool badshah

Masaallah subhanallah alahamdulillah

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