Mathematician, Gary Miller Who Tried to Prove Quran Wrong, Accepted Islam

Gary Miller

Gary Miller, a Mathematics Professor at the University of Toronto, was a Christian who noted that almost all the Muslims found it undoable to convert into Christianity.

Therefore, in 1977 Gary Miller planned to study Qur’an to find its scientific and historical mistakes which would make the Muslims aware of their false religion.

The Professor, Gary Miller noted similar reason finding Ayahs;

canadain mathematician converted to islam because of these quranic verses

After carefully studying, he got amazed by the Holy Book. He then accepted Islam and through lectures and other activities, he started showing people the righteous path. Professor Miller also created a lecture named “the Amazing Quran”. The following are the few points from his lecture.

He shared that he didn’t observe any author who first writes, and then challenges others that the book is error-free. Many non-Muslims believe that the Qur’an is an autobiography of Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) personal life, which is not true, as it doesn’t state the tough phases of Prophet’s (PBUH) personal life such as, death of his wife Khadijah, or of his daughters and sons.

A chapter in the Qur’an named Maryam (Mary), states about the mother of Jesus in a manner that even the Bible doesn’t contain. Prophet Isa’s (Jesus) name is mentioned in the Holy Book 25 times whereas; Prophet’s (PBUH) name is stated only 5 times.

He further stated the elements present in the contemporary Catholic Encyclopedia under the Qur’an. It has stated that regardless of studies plethora, theories and plans to stack Quranic verses revelation’s authenticity, under a lot of pretexts, none among them was able to be adopted, logically.

The Church itself didn’t think to take on any of those theories, however, at the same moment, it didn’t accept the reality regarding the Qur’an’s Muslim theory, without all the belief, the final heavenly revelation.

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