6 Facts About Maryam (AS) Everyone Should Know

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Maryam (AS), to Muslims is also very famous among the Christians, for us she is Maryam (AS) and for the Christians, she is Mother Mary. Her highness is penned down in Quran as well.

Her highness is mentioned in Quran as well as the authentic narrations of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) was also indicating the greatness of her. Holy Prophet (PBUH) had also listed her as one of the four greatest women of all time, who has reached that amount of spirituality.

We at The Islamic Information compiled the six facts about her that all of us should know;

1. She was a virgin, but she gave birth to Isa (AS) (Also known as Jesus)

maryam as quran

2. She was chosen by Allah

Above all other Women!

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maryam as chosen allah

3. Maryam (AS) was falsely accused of Infidelity

mother mary jesus birth quran

4. The 19th Chapter in Quran is named after Her

Her name is the major point of the 19th chapter of Quran (Surat Maryam)

Quran has given this honor only to Prophets, Messengers and Angels. and She is one of them. Her name is the center point of this Surah, she is the only woman who has been called with her first name in the Holy Quran.

5. She experienced many Miracles

maryam as miricles

In the interpretation of this verse, scholars say that every time Zachariah would visit her, she would be having fruits of summers in Winters and fruits of winters in summer.

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6. She was Modest, Pious and chaste

mary quran

These are the some sample of the most astonishing qualities and essentials of Maryam (AS) as the mother of Isa (AS) mentioned in Quran. I hope all the people can follow the footsteps of her to gain Jannah in the Aakhirah!



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