Canada’s Halal Mortgage Plan: All You Need To Know

As Muslim popularity grows in Canada a fruitful decision has been taken. That is to introduce the Halal Mortgage system for Muslims.
canada halal mortgages
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Halal Mortgage in Canada aims to establish a mortgage system with no interest for Muslims.

Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, has proposed ‘halal mortgages’ in the federal budget. This plan addresses the financial needs of Canadian Muslims. It supports Trudeau’s goal to build 3.9 million homes by 2031.

What is Halal Mortgage?

Halal mortgages align with Islamic finance principles. They avoid interest, as Sharia law dictates. A halal mortgage is a home loan that follows Islamic law.

This law does not allow paying or getting interest. In a halal mortgage, you don’t pay interest.

Instead, you might share the home with the bank. Over time, you buy the whole home from the bank. The bank earns money in a way that fits Islamic rules.

Reason to Introduce Halal Mortgage in Canada

Muslims constitute nearly 5% of Canada’s populace. The demand for faith-aligned financial products is rising. Halal mortgages aim to bring Islamic finance into the mainstream. They offer Muslim Canadians opportunities that fit their beliefs.

The proposal has stirred varied reactions. Some applaud it as inclusive. Others doubt its place in a secular nation’s financial laws. Critics wonder if it’s a genuine effort or a vote-seeking strategy.

The government could adjust taxes and regulations for halal mortgages. Advocates say current tax laws unfairly burden Muslims seeking these options. This hampers industry growth and limits home-buying chances.

Halal vs Conventional Mortgage

Halal mortgages differ in structure from conventional ones. Yet, both aim for homeownership.

A Conventional is a home loan with interest. You borrow money. You pay back more than you borrowed. This extra is interesting.

A halal Mortgage is different. It follows Islamic law. No interest is allowed. You might buy the house with the bank. Or pay more slowly, without interest. The bank still makes money, but not from interest.

Types of Halal Mortgage

Firms like Manzil offer two halal mortgage types:

  1. The Murabaha model resembles rent-to-own. The finance company buys and resells the property at a profit.
  2. The Musharaka model is a shared equity mortgage. The finance company and buyer co-own the property. The buyer gradually purchases the company’s shares.

With housing market challenges, halal mortgages could boost homeownership. They cater to a diverse population’s financial needs. The government’s interest in alternative financing like halal mortgages shows Canada’s dedication to inclusivity and financial innovation.

Halal mortgages mark a notable shift in Canada’s financial scene. They show a trend towards diverse financial practices and preferences. This ensures all Canadians have access to products that match their values.

As the government refines this proposal, the halal mortgage discussion grows. It underscores the need for cultural sensitivity and economic inclusivity in policymaking.

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