5 Tips To Become A Good Husband In Islam

Tips To Become A Good Husband In Islam

Being a Good husband is considered a blessing. As a hadith of our Prophet Muhammad, PBUH goes, the best among you are those who are best with your wives. (Tirmidhi 3895)

Here are some of the tips that every husband should follow:

1. Never raise your voice in front of your wife to disrespect her; try to keep your tone calmer and show respect to your wife as she isn’t your maid or any toy.

2. If your wife has made a mistake, then do not scold her in public. Try to sort the matter out in private, again, in a calmer tone.

3. Always respect her if you want your life to be happy. Respect her to show that your parents brought you up very well.

4. On judgment day, you will be answerable for how you treated your wife. So, Do check on her, talk to her, ask her if she is facing any issues, and also tell her your worries so she can understand your position.

5. Feed your wife, show her your love

It is mentioned in Sahih Muslim (1628) that Prophet Muhammad PBUH has said that even if you lift a morsel of food towards your wife’s mouth, you will be rewarded.

And in Quran (2:228), Allah SWT has said that husbands are the maintainers, protectors, and responsible for spending on their wives.

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