I Forgive My Attacker, Says Imam Injured in London Mosque

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Rafaat Maglad, 70, Imam Injured in London Mosque attack smiles back and tells there is nothing that can stop him from praying.

Yesterday, a man attacked the Regent’s Park Mosque in Central London and stabbed a 70-year-old imam of the mosque.

Raafat Maglad, who is 70 years old leads Salah at the mosque, he was attacked when he was leading the prayers at 3 pm.

20 worshippers rushed and tackled the attacker, luckily police arrived at the location at the right time. The suspect is white, 29 years old and is being charged with attempted murder.

Raafat Maglad was later taken to the hospital where he was been treated with the stab injuries in his neck. He is out of danger.

Raafat Maglad
Standard Co Uk

He told, “When I was in sujood, I felt someone hit the brick on my head. It was insane, too much blood. Everyone stopped him and called an ambulance immediately.

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He forgave his ATTACKER!

In the latest news, it has been confirmed that he has forgiven the person who attacked him in the mosque. He added that he is forgiving the attacker to show him that Muslims are humble and the people with the most tolerance, peace and believes in brotherhood.

Another video showed the Imam smiling back in the hospital after doctors declared him out of danger. But Mr Maglad is still recovering from stab injuries.

muezzin at the London Central Mosque
ITV News

This gesture is being praised by the communities all around the world, and Muslims all around the world are showing their support to the Mosque and Maglad. He is still recovering from his wounds and has to go to the hospital for regular checkups.

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Meanwhile, the attacker has to go through a court proceeding where he is set to be heard on his case.

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