I Follow Prophet Muhammad PBUH, Says Famous Actor Van Damme

Follow Prophet Muhammad PBUH Actor Van Damme

Famous Hollywood actor, Van Damme says he follows the example set by the Islamic Prophet Muhammad PBUH and praised him in a video.

Indeed Islam is the complete code of life. Allah has blessed us with the Holy Quran so that we can seek guidance from it and follow the right path.

Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) was sent as a mercy from Allah SWT. Prophet Muhammad PBUH is a role model for all of us and we must follow his Sunnah.

Recently, the famous Hollywood actor Van Damme was talking about healthy eating in an interview with MBC Channel, He added that Prophet Muhammad PBUH knew what was good for the body, and added that people should follow his example to stay healthy.

Watch the clip from his interview with MBC channel;

When the reporter asked him about the things a person should eat to stay healthy, to answer it Van Damme quoted Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him)’s life example to tell what a person should eat. He also told that having artificial body supplements are dangerous for health.

This is not the first time a famous personality is praising the Prophet Muhammad PBUH, recently a Hindu Pandit also praised Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him. The daily routine of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) was so healthy that it is still being followed by a large number of Non-Muslims as well.

Many other martial arts personalities including Mohammad Ali and Mike Tyson also praised that Prophet Muhammad PBUH knew how to stay fit, the choice of his meals were a perfect choice to keep your body healthy.

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