8 Words That Are Mentioned 1,464 Times in The Holy Quran

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Did you know that there are 8 words in the Holy Quran that can help you learn the Quran even easier? These are the 8 words that you will be seeing on almost every page in the Holy Quran.

A quick view shows that just one of these rights comes at least 1,464 times in the Holy Quran. All you need to do is to learn the meaning of these words.

Having a knowledge of these words will boost your confidence while reading, learning and memorizing the Holy Quran. The next time you open the Quran to read it, try to memorize these words given below.

8 words quran

The words that you see in the table are called Harf Nasb because it makes the word that you say after Nasb. Any word that you will read or write after these 8 given words will have a sign called Kasrah or Nasb status. If you don’t know what a Harf is, take a look at our 5 mins article to understand it fully.

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An example can be InnaAllaha, the word Allah is a Nasb because of the world, in the beginning, Inna. So, the word Allah has to end with a FATAH sign.

Fatah sign only comes after the world ending sound it never applies words that have an ending combination as shows in the Muslimum chart which we will be writing about soon. The word Muslimaini means two Muslims can either be a Jar or Nasb as we mentioned before.

It is our advice to all of the Muslims to learn all these signs and be easy while learning the Quran. Before finishing this article, have a look at this interesting video that shows that the word “Day” is mentioned 365 days, which is equal to all days in a year, isn’t it cool?

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The word “Day” is mentioned about 365 times in Quran!

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