Khadija (RA) First Feminist In Islam

khadija ra feminist

Hazrat Khadijah is one of the leading Muslim women who is known for her struggles while helping the development of Islam together with the Prophet Muhammad.

But apart from playing the role of the first wife of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and the first Muslim, she is also known as the first feminist in Islamic history. On this women’s day, let’s take a look at Khadia (RA)’s extraordinary ways as a feminist.

1. A Successful Businesswoman

muslim business woman

Hazrat Khadija was once known as a very successful businessman in a male-dominated industry at the time. And for that, she was highly respected. According to the Huffington Post, her business was larger than all of the Quraysh trade combined.

Although she is known to have abundant treasures from her business, she does not use them only for her own benefit. Kitab Al-Busyro Khadijah explains that Khadijah, who was a wealthy businessman, used all of her wealth to spread Islam.

2. A Single Mother

muslim mother teaching daughter

Hazrat Khadija (RA) was twice widowed, and she had children from both marriages. After becoming a widow, she decided to live the life of a widow woman and raise her children by herself until she married the Holy Prophet (SAWW).

3. Proposed the Holy Prophet

prophet mosque

Tradition suggests that it is usually a man who asks for a woman’s hand in marriage. But it was different with Hazrat Khadija (RA), without hesitation and courage took matters into her own hands and asked the Prophet’s hand for marriage because of her virtuous character.

Khadijah (RA) proposed to the Prophet Muhammad through a third person, Nafisah bint Munyah, who was a friend of her. Nafisah then conveyed Khadijah’s intentions to Abu Talib, the uncle of the Prophet Muhammad.

4. Widowed and Older

muslim women vector

Hazrat Khadija was 15 years older than the Prophet. At that time Khadijah was 40 years old and the Prophet was 25 years old. Indeed if we look at the surface, there is nothing about the marriage of these two Islamic figures that is “conventional” but it was an amazing relationship that the Prophet Muhammad revered.

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