List of 6 Places To Visit During Hajj Pilgrimage

List Of 6 Places To Visit During Hajj Pilgrimage

If you’re wondering what places to visit during the Hajj pilgrimage, we at The Islamic Information created a list of 6 places that you must visit when performing Hajj.

Muslims gather in Makkah for Hajj and to visit all the places which are dear to Allah and his Prophet Muhammad PBUH. There are many places in Makkah that you visit while your journey of Hajj. If you want to make the most of your Hajj Pilgrimage then visiting these places will be a perfect treat for you.

Below we have compiled Ziyarat places in Makkah to visit during Hajj Pilgrimage;

1. Mina

Mina Hajj Places

It is located 8 kilometers east of Masjid al-Haram. It is the place where Hajis spend most of their night during their Hajj journey. Hajj pilgrims arrive on 8th Dhul Hijjah till 10th to 13th Dhul Hijjah. It is also known as The Tent City. About 100,000 tents are located in this valley for Hajj pilgrims.

It is the place where pilgrims throw stones at Shaitaan, reminding Muslims of how Prophet Ibrahim (AS) stoned satan when it came between him.

2. Masjid al-Haram

Masjid Al Haram Hajj Palcess

Kaaba, the house of Allah is located in Masjid Al Haram. Kaaba is what every Muslim wants to touch and kiss. These are the things you must look for in Masjid Al Haram;

3. Muzdalifah

Muzdalifah Hajj Places
Eaalim Travel

It is located in Makkah, between Mount Arafat and Mina valley. Hajj pilgrims travel from Mina to Muzdalifa and stay there till sunset.

There is a mosque at the top hill of Muzdalifa where pilgrims offer prayers as they stay there. It is one of the most important places to visit for Ziyarat during Hajj.

4. Mount Arafat

Mount Arafat Hajj Place
Arab News

9th Dhul Hijjah is the day where the day of Arafat fall, all Muslims come from Mina to Mount Arafat. Standing at the Arafat is one of the most significant and sacred rituals of Hajj.

If a Hajj pilgrim fails to make it to Mount Arafat, his hajj will be nullified. Prophet Muhammad PBUH delivered his last Hajj sermon at Arafat.

Muslims come to Arafat Mount in the afternoon and listen to Hajj Khutbah and stay there till sunset. As well as offer Dhuhr and Asr prayer combined.

5. Cave of Hira

Cave Of Hira Hajj Places
Islamic Landmarks

This is the place where Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) got the first revelation from Allah. The cave of Hira is the place where Prophet Muhammad PBUH used to visit during the first 40 years of his life. The cave of Hira is located 5km away from Masjid Al Haram. And one has to climb the mountain to reach there and it takes 45 minutes.

6. Cave of Thawr

Cave Of Thawr Hajj Places

The Cave of Thawr is the place where Prophet Muhammad PBUH with Abu Bakr (RA) spent three nights and days when Prophet (PBUH) migrated from Makkah to Madinah.

It takes one and a half hours to reach this cave.

How many days in hajj?

Ten Days! It starts from 1st Dhu Al-Hijjah till 10th Dhu Al-Hijjah. Among these days, the 9th Dhu al-Hijjah is the Day of Arafat which is the day called “The Day of Hajj”.

The places for Ziyarat in Makkah mentioned above are a must-visit for performing Hajj. May Allah SWT accepts the Hajj of those performing this year. Ameen.

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