Free WiFi for Pilgrims at Key Mosques and Miqats in Makkah

The Ministry of Islamic Affairs has taken the initiative to provide free Wi-Fi to the pilgrims in Makkah. The Hajj pilgrims can now use this Wi-Fi to get their Hajj queries answered.
Free Wi Fi for Pilgrims at Miqats in Makkah
Photo: DeeLia

Pilgrims can access the huge collection of legal and scientific materials from the online Islamic Library through free WiFi.

Pilgrims in the Al-Ji’rranah area and at key miqat locations can now enjoy free Wi-Fi, thanks to a new initiative by the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Dawah, and Guidance in the Makkah Region. The service is available at Al-Tanaim and Al-Hal mosques, as well as Qarn Al-Manazil and Wadi Muharram miqats.

This free Wi-Fi is part of the Ministry’s Hajj plan for 1445 AH, aimed at helping pilgrims access modern tech services and digital platforms. With high-speed internet, pilgrims can browse and download the Ministry’s electronic services straight to their smart devices.

One of the key benefits is access to the Islamic Library’s vast collection, which includes 3,000 legal and scientific materials in over 45 languages. This makes it easier for pilgrims to perform their rituals with the right information at hand.

Additionally, pilgrims can get answers to their Hajj-related questions and watch awareness and guidance videos produced by the Ministry, all through this free service.

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