7 Signs That Will Tell If You Really Love Prophet Muhammad PBUH

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If you love Prophet Muhammad PBUH, these are the major signs that will help you identify if you do enough to express your love.

1. Following his Teachings

Conceivably, the biggest sign among the others of showing you affection with the Messenger of Allah, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is that you believe that your life is significantly a series based on the decisions that were guided by you wish to follow Prophet (PBUH).

2. Studying his Life

All Muslims who are able to read and listen must study Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)’s life to the extent of; His compassion, love, mercy, speech, dedication, dignified manners, His worry for this Ummah and the hardships He went through for fulfilling His part by conveyance of the message sent by the Creator to His whole creation.

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3. Understanding his Hadiths

Thirdly, we should study, recite, understand, follow and teach what He (PBUH) had conveyed to us.

4. Sending salutations upon him (PBUH)

By saying, “Allahumma sallee ‘ala Muhammad” in every possible variation is to request Allah to send peace, blessings, and mercy upon the beloved Prophet (PBUH). Also, every time you perform such an act, Allah will send His mercy and blessings 10 times upon you in your life.

5. Loving what He (PBUH) Loved

Follow His act of praying, for instance, worshiping at night, fasting on Mondays and Thursdays and limitless other Sunnah; wearing white clothes or utilizing the siwak.

6. Remembering him

We often think about the person a lot whom we love. Therefore, the more you have affection for the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the more you will go through His life. And then, you would also pray to have a reunion with Him in the greatest ranks of the Paradise.

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7. Motivate Other to Follow Him

Lastly, we often found ease in encouraging our circle to participate in vacations or other various forms of entertainment. The thing we often forget when we are growing spiritually is to motivate others too for growing with us. A follower who motivates others to focus on the teachings and the life of our Holy Prophet (PBUH), possess some clear signs of the love for the Prophet (PBUH).

So how many of these things are you doing to show that you love Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Let us know in the comment section.

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