Fasting Can Help Cure Many Disease Including Cardiac Issues, Research

Fasting Can Help Cure Many Disease Including Cardiac Issues

Refraining from having food within the range of 16 to 18 hours per day can be helpful as a treatment for various health conditions, though you have to instruct yourself to push behind your hunger.

A study concerning past animal and human studies from the Journal of The New England Journal of Medicine recommended that Intermittent Fasting is helpful for decreasing blood pressure, assisting with weight loss and improving longevity.

This report works as a road map to variety of physicians to explain Fasting can help cure or preventing cancer, diabetes, obesity and heart diseases.

According to a research, majority of the Americans don’t fast intermittently. They usually have three meals each day along with snacks. Due to which, physicians tend to emphasize less on making fasting a solution to the health problems.

Adjusting fasting in daily routine can enhance our cellular health most probably by effecting the metabolic switching, as shared by Mattson.

Intermittent fasting results vary in the effectiveness of the diet however; few reviews on animals and humans have associated this method to healthier hearts, improved cognition and living longer.

This article indicates towards the locals of Okinawa, popular for their high nutrient and low calorie diet and, enhanced longevity. The authors further stated that there are chances of their intermittent fasting in contributing towards their life duration and handling their obesity.

Some patients also had their physical functions improved. A review on young men who fasted daily for 16 hours, observed fats loosing and retaining muscles during the two months resistance training.

Yet, the long term impact of intermittent fasting needs more research which is however, unavailable and the present concerned researches are narrow. The Clinical trials revolved around middle aged adults and overweight young people due to which, significance and safety measures couldn’t be generalized to the rest groups, as the author mentioned.

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