This Islamic Book Is A Must Have For Every Muslim

Islamic Book Concepts of Islam Simplified 1

The Islamic Book “Concepts of Islam Simplified” written by Abu Mustafa Zakariya is a must-buy for every Muslim man woman, especially parents.

We read this book and decided to give our readers a sneak peek of this great book. We also added some pictures taken from the book so it can give you a view of what the author has been talking about in it.

This book has duas

Concepts of Islam Simplified 1

You will see duas that you should memorize and keep it in your pocket because the duas in this book are so essential that it is important that you or your family members should memorize it.

Life advices

Concepts of Islam Simplified 2

The world is depressed, but this book has guides to fight your inner battles with the help of Islam.

Things that could ruin your life

Concepts of Islam Simplified 3

The book further talks about the things that can ruin your life without you knowing, the picture above is a single page out of many pages that talk about those things in the book.

Kindness is the key to success

Concepts of Islam Simplified 4

As you read more in it, the book also teaches about how you can control your anger and act calmly in tough situations such as at work or at home.

Parent-Child relationship

Concepts of Islam Simplified 5

This book is not just for adults but for the kids as well, so they can read and have knowledge of how much importance parents hold in the Islamic religion.

Marital relationship

Concepts of Islam Simplified 7

Marriage is a challenge itself, balancing it is a key to live a healthy life. This book talks about how Islam can make your marriage a great success.

Each chapter has a bottom line

Concepts of Islam Simplified 8

The author concluded each chapter with the bottom line which helps the reader to memorize what they have learned.

A detailed analysis of Quran

Concepts of Islam Simplified 10

You will find the Quranic details with the incorporation of Hadiths, to help you understand each and every aspect of your life.

Empirical analysis of Islamic studies

Concepts of Islam Simplified 11 islamic book

We read many Islamic books, but this is the first time we came across such a beautiful interpretation of Islam by giving mathematical analysis.

Relevant duas

Concepts of Islam Simplified 13 islamic book

As we talked about it above, here is one of many duas you will find in the book.

This book strongly emphasis on the rights of woman and importance of Daughters and Wife

Concepts of Islam Simplified 9 1

Muslim women are a major part of Islamic studies as they have more rights in Islam than any other religion. This book summerize the importance of women in Islam with the help of the Quran and Sunnah beautifully.

We have added a button to buy this book so you can read and spread the word of Islam. Click the button below to buy.

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